The Randnet Disk is a piece of software for the 64DD that allows the user to access the internet through Randnet.

History[edit | edit source]

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In mid 1999, Nintendo partnered with Japanese media company Recruit to develop the 64DD's proprietary online service called Randnet. It launched the same day as the 64DD, on December 1st 1999. On February 23rd 2000, the Randnet Disk was released, allowing players to make full use of the internet system. Due to the 64DD's failure, Randnet was shut down on February 28th, 2001, just one year after the disk's release.

Use[edit | edit source]

Randnet Disk functioned as a web browser for the 64DD. The player would be able to surf the general internet, read and post to message boards, swap high scores and game data, use email, and swap messages with game programmers and producers.

There was also an avatar system, similar to what was in Mario Artist: Talent Studio, which it had released alongside.

Originally, there were other features promised for use with Randnet Disk that did not come to fruition. This includes being able to play games against other players, the ability to watch other people's games, beta test upcoming games, read a digital magazine, and listen to music.

Peripherals[edit | edit source]

The player was able to use a large variety of peripherals for the web browser. The only required one was the N64 modem, but the player would also be able to use the N64 keyboard and mouse for easier typing and web navigation respectively.

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