Mario Artist: Paint Studio is a movie creation game for the 64DD. It was bundled with the capture cassette. It is based on the Japanese idea of "tarento", referring to a TV personality with a background in J-pop and drama.

Gameplay Edit

The game is a simple animation program that allows the player to insert pictures of people's faces onto 3D models and put dress them up in a large variety of clothes and accessories (a precursor to the Wii's Miis). They player would then be allowed to put these avatars into different situations, such as a gymnastics contest or fashion show.

Functionality with other Games Edit

The player is able to insert their avatar into SimCity 64 and have it live in the city as a background character.

Reception Edit

IGN gave the game a __, and describes Talent Studio as the 64DD's "killer app" with a graphical interface that's "so easy to use that anyone can figure it out after a few minutes", letting the user create "fashion shows, karate demonstrations, characters waiting outside a bathroom stall, and more" which feature the user's own face.

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