Mario Artist: Polygon Studio is a 3D modeling game for the 64DD. It is the 4th game in the Mario Artist series and the last game to be released for the 64DD.

Gameplay Edit

The game is a very simple 3D modeler, allowing the player to design and pose their own custom 3D models. The player would then be able to paint and texture their model. Another feature is that players would be able to animate their 3D model using a small number of pre-made animations. There is also a collection of small minigames, where the player would have to complete a simple task in a short amount of time. This concept would be reused for the WarioWare series.

Use with other games Edit

The player would be able to share and receive their 3D models using Mario Artist: Communication Kit, which had been released just one month prior. The player would also be able to send their models over Randnet to be made into a papercraft figure.

Reception Edit

IGN never did a formal review of Polygon Studio due to it's delayed release. However, they did comment on it's preview at Space World 98', stating that at first it "seems a bit far removed from gaming" but it could become much better if Nintendo let players "the power to create the game they want". The ability to create custom games was later split off into a new game called Mario Artist: Game Maker before eventually being cancelled.

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