Mario Artist: Paint Studio is a drawing game. It was one of the two launch titles for the 64DD, along with Doshin the Giant. It is considered to be the spiritual successor to Mario Paint on the SNES.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is fairly simple. The player used the controller (or N64 Mouse) to draw pictures with a variety of colors, textures, and stamps. The player can also create simple animations. Pictures can be saved onto the disk directly or exported through the use of the capture cassette. They player can also import images from a video tape through the capture cassette or the Gameboy camera though the N64 transfer pak. The game also includes a 4 player drawing mode and minigames. The minigames include a flyswatting game (similar to the one in Mario Paint) and a game similar to Pokemon Snap.

Functionality with other games Edit

Mario Artist: Communication Kit Edit

Through Randnet, users could upload their own pictures and download other peoples.

Simcity 64 Edit

Users can design a single two-frame animated character to live in the city.

Reception Edit

IGN gave this game a 7.0 out of 10, stating that it was a good game that was plagued by bad timing (as most people already had a PC with drawing tools) and limited use (as you could only draw). More coming soon! ~Link.Pichu

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