Doshin the Giant: Liberation Front Chibikko Chikko Collection is a game for the 64DD. It is the sequel to the original Doshin the Giant.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

In this game, a toddler is pulled out of bed into the world of dreams. In this world, Doshin is imprisoned and the child can "tinkle" hearts onto various objects. The goal is to watch 17 black and white mini movies collectively called "More Than Giant". The other objective is to free Doshin from his cage by tinkling hearts on him, causing him to grow larger.

The player can also gather the help of others to free Doshin by building monuments in the first Doshin game and building counterpart pavilions in this game. Doing that, other children will appear around the world. The player can then challange them to a "tinkle contest". If the player wins, the other child becomes their teammate which increases the tinkle ability.

Functionality with other games[edit | edit source]

The game requires frequent swapping between itself and the original Doshin the Giant to verify that certain monuments were built. This allows the player to, as said before, build pavilions and attract other children to add to their team.

Reception[edit | edit source]

Peer Schneider of IGN rated the game at 2.5 out of 10, citing the graphics, controls, and gameplay. He said it "looks and plays like it was programmed in two weeks. Controls are bad" and "this add-on disk is a glorified movie player." The only thing he found appealing about the game was its presentation, saying that "the Param team definitely has a sense of humor. Both Doshin games will make you laugh because they're so absurd." he ended his review of the game with one word: "Painful".

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