Doshin the Giant (巨人のドシン Kyojin no Doshin) is a god simulator game for the 64DD. It was one of the 2 launch titles for the 64DD and was released on December 1st 1999. It recieved a sequel in the form of Doshin the Giant: Tinkling Toddler Liberation Front! Assemble!. It also received a GameCube port in PAL regions.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Doshin the Giant is a god simulation game. The player controls Doshin as he attempts to help or hinder the island's villagers. If he receives a large amount of a single feeling, Doshin will grow bigger for the day. Doshin is the love giant, a yellow, featureless giant with a happy face, a few strands of hair, and an outie belly button, who can help the islanders and grows bigger from love and pick up objects. He can transform into his alter ego, Jashin, the hate giant that has wings on its back, clawed feet, and also an outie belly button ,who can hinder the islanders. Jashin cannot pick up objects, but is able to destroy objects with streams of lava. Both giants can alter terrain.

There are four villages in the game, each with a different color assigned to them (red, blue, yellow, green). The female natives are dressed in a sleeveless, uni-colored gown (of their tribe's color). The male natives wear a kilt and hat of their tribe's color, but remain shirtless, also showing outie belly buttons. The villages are all under threat from many disasters, including tornadoes, volcanoes, fires, being crushed by Doshin, and evil tribe members. The villagers will build love or hate monuments depending on how Doshin/Jashin treats them.

The game ends when the villagers build one final monument, the Tower of Babel. After the tower if built, the island sinks into the sea, destroying the tower and everyone on the island. However, the next day, a new island appears in the shape of Doshin himself along with two villagers.

Reception[edit | edit source]

Note: This information is taken from IGN's review of the Gamecube version of Doshin the Giant. The port however, is almost identical to the 64DD version.

IGN gave the game a 6.4/10, saying that the game was extremely repetitive and had little variety. They also disliked the relatively short gameplay, and said that it had little replay value.

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